Areas of Expertise

I specialise in working with women and teens in late adolescence. I can support clients through counselling in the following areas: ​

  • Self-esteem 

  • Anxiety 

  • Body image & disordered eating 

  • Depression

  • Perinatal support incl. transition to motherhood

  • Career & workplace issues

  • Relationship difficulties 

My previous experience includes roles with:

The Butterfly Foundation as a Helpline Counsellor, supporting individuals with lived experience of eating disorders and body image concerns, and their carers. 

Orana Sutherland as a Volunteer Counsellor supporting the mental well-being of new mums, and parents of children aged 0-3 years 

The Raise Foundation as a volunteer mentor for high school students, taking on the role of being an additional non-judgemental support person in their lives, to help tackle the challenges of adolescence. 

How I work with clients

When life gets tough, it can be easy to underestimate our own capabilities. I believe we all have an inner strength that can help guide us through difficult times and chart our path for the future. Counselling provides an opportunity to get to know yourself better, and explore how you want to live your life. 


With this focus on strength, I also draw on techniques from a range of different modalities depending on what may be most helpful. These include:

  • Person-centred Therapy

  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy  

  • Psychodynamic Theory

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and CBT-E for the treatment of eating disorders 

I have trained in family counselling, trauma, grief, mental health, domestic violence, body image and lifespan development. I participate in regular clinical supervision and continuing education to ensure I can support my clients ethically and with integrity.


I believe it's important to take a flexible approach to how we work together, because each client is unique.


We all have our own story