Client Experience 

The therapeutic relationship is at the core of my approach to counselling. I seek to understand your experiences and work alongside you to determine the best way forward.  We navigate your challenges and your goals together. 

When I asked some of my clients to share their experience of working with me, this is what they said...

"Candice was always professional, empathetic and kind. She really puts you first in everything you do. Her knowledge of psychological techniques helped me to put theory into practice in a tangible way." 


"After so many years trying to find a counsellor that I have a real connection with and feeling comfortable to talk about the things I'm going through, I finally did. Thank you for all the strategies, perspective, support and honesty that you gave me." (Karla)  

"Candice was the kind, nurturing, wise sounding board I needed. She helped me see the "why" in healing my disordered relationship with food - something I've struggled with for a long time. She took the time to really see, hear and understand me, and never pushed me to do anything I wasn't comfortable with. Yet the supportive, welcoming environment she creates encourages you to do the work and grow in ways you're dreamed of." (Emily) 



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